Topic 4: Library Technology

As a leader in libraries, you have to be ready to learn about all aspects of the library, including technology. I have heard the term “Cloud Computing” thrown around by many people lately, and was curious to find out more. Roy Tennant from OCLC shared information in his presentation “Cloud Computing 101” on Webjunction.

Wikipedia definition:
“Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity.”

Why? To have computer services at will, for low cost, low technology knowledge, off-site so it also saves space.

How? Service as layers. Get what you need, Software, Platform, Infastructure. Low cost is the bottom line.

Drawbacks? Security, Latency, Integration problems, cost fluctuations based on increased use.


I realize that I already use many cloud services like Google Docs and WordPress. These make it so I don’t have to have a huge computer with me at all times, and my files follow me everywhere. Both are free, and while I’m not sure I would use these for privacy sensitive materials, I do think they are great in general. I am happy with them, and will be checking out some of the links Roy shared in his list below.

Recommended book:

Resources and Links Referenced:

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